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AED cabinets with alarm

A good AED cabinet has numerous advantages. First of all, it protects your AED against dirt (indoors) and wind, rain and low temperatures (outdoors). Secondly, an AED cabinet makes your device more noticeable, too. Almost everyone recognises an AED wall cabinet and therefore knows about its availability. Every second counts in case of an emergency.

An AED cabinet with an auditive alarm provies a great advantage compared to those without. When opening the lid of the cabinet a loud alarm will be activated. Bystanders who hear this may lend you a hand in this emergency situation.

Here you can find all AED cabinets with an alarm - suitable for indoor and outdoor placement.

Indoor AED cabinets with alarm

The following AED wall boxes with alarm are suitable for indoor areas such as offices, shopping centers and gyms. Co-workers and bystanders are directly aware of the emergency.

Outdoor AED cabinets with alarm

These cabinets have an intergrated heating system which makes them suitable for placement oudoors. On the facade of the community center, just to name an example. A loud alarm will be activated if someone opens the cabinet.

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