AED cabinets with alarm

A high-quality cabinet for your AED offers several advantages. Firstly, it protects your device against dirt (indoors), wind, rain, and low temperatures (outdoors). Secondly, an AED cabinet makes your device more visible, ensuring awareness of its availability when needed. In an emergency, every second counts.

Additionally, an AED cabinet with an audible alarm offers significant benefits. Opening the cabinet lid triggers a loud alarm, which alerts bystanders nearby to the emergency, increasing the likelihood of someone assisting.

Here you can find all AED cabinets with an alarm - suitable for indoor and outdoor placement.

Indoor AED cabinets with alarms

The following AED wall boxes with alarms are suitable for indoor settings like offices, shopping centres, and gyms, alerting co-workers and bystanders immediately in case of an emergency.

Outdoor AED cabinets with alarm

These AED cabinets come with an integrated heating system that allows them to be placed outdoors, such as on the facade of a community centre. Opening the cabinet will sound a loud alarm, drawing attention to the emergency and potentially prompting bystanders to assist.

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