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Ambu Family Basic Pack

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New: Ambu Family Basic Pack. This Ambu family is a combination of lifelike and affordable CPR manikins. The Basic Pack consists of the following training manikins:

  • Ambu Uniman+
  • Ambu Sani Child
  • Ambu Baby

Pre-order the Basic Pack now for delivery in mid-April 

The Ambu Family Basic Pack consists of three manikins of different age ranges:

  • Ambu Uniman+
  • Ambu Sani-Child
  • Ambu Baby 

The Ambu Uniman + has realistic features. The male torso gives feedback for compression depth through a built-in indicator. This indicator is built into the belly of the Uniman.

The Ambu Baby is a lifelike and advanced baby CPR manikin. Training choking techniques, the head tilt/chin lift and pulsing the brachial artery are possible. With the Ambu Baby you get a robust baby manikin with many options.

The Ambu Sani-Child is a completely new child manikin. Basic CPR techniques can be practiced with this child torso. The torso is filled with foam, meaning it offers good resistance while practicing compression skills. The airway is cleared for ventilation by correctly performing the head tilt/chin lift. With the Sani-Child you are assured of a good basic child manikin.

What is included:

Ambu Uniman+:

  • 1 face skin
  • 25 airway bags

Ambu Sani-Child:

  • 3 airway bags
  • Face cloth

Ambu Baby

  • 5 face masks
  • 100 airway bags
  • Clothing

The whole Family Basic Pack is delivered in an easily transportable carry trolley with wheels.

More Information
Product Name Ambu Family Basic Pack
SKU 01-AmbuFamilypack-Basic
Manikin type Family
Connectivity None
Procedures BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression), Wrist / carotid pulse
Weight 1.000000
Warranty 3
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