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Ambu Family Standard pack

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New: Ambu Family Standard Pack. This Ambu Standard Pack is a combination of popular CPR manikins. This manikin package consists of the following:

  • AmbuMan I
  • Ambu Junior
  • Ambu Baby

With the Ambu Family Standard Pack you can easily deliver a complete training session.

The Standard Pack consists of the following qualitative training manikins:

The Ambu Man I provides CPR feedback via the built-in instrument control panel, found in the belly of the manikin. The results of the depth of the chest compressions, the ventilation volume, the hand position on the chest and the inflation of the stomach can be read on this. The manikin is supplied as a torso and can be expanded with optional arms and legs.

The other manikins in this package do not provide direct CPR feedback. This does not mean that they are of secondary quality to the Ambu Man I. All manikins in this package are made from the same robust and quality materials. With the Family Standard Pack you are assured of the right training equipment for years to come.

The Family Standard Pack is supplied in a transport bag with wheels. This allows you to take the manikins to every training location in a jiffy. Very handy!

Features include:

  • User-friendly and effective hygiene system with air bags
  • Airways only open when the head is tilted correctly
  • With correct ventilation, the chest rises
  • Realistic anatomy that simulates a lifelike situation
  • Training for different types of physique through adjustable chest stiffness (AmbuMan I)
  • Immediate feedback on results of ventilation volume, chest compressions, stomach inflation and incorrect hand position (AmbuMan I)

What's Included:

AmbuMan I
  • 5 face masks
  • 100 air bags
  • Clothing
Ambu Junior
  • 5 mouth and nose pieces
  • 25 airways
  • 5 sealing rings for the respiratory tract
  • Clothing
Ambu Baby
  • 5 face masks
  • 100 air bags
  • Clothing

The entire Family Standard Pack is delivered in one transport bag with weels.
More Information
Product Name Ambu Family Standard pack
SKU 04-AmbuFamilypack-Standard
Manufacturer Ambu
Manikin type Family
Connectivity None
Weight 1.000000
Warranty 3
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